Collection Review – Zoya “Barefoot”

Collection: “Barefoot” by Zoya, Summer 2019


Initial notes: This collection is more playful and diverse than last summer, and I am here for it. Notably, Zoya finally made a yellow like OPI’s “Bee Mine Forever” and added an actual cute topper (remember Leopard Spots from Jubilee?). Five polishes have a glitter or shimmer to them, and there are plenty of non pink/red shades I am excited about.


  • Dallas: This is a special finish polish I can get behind! There are baby silver and white glitters that give great shimmer in the light, and white hex pieces that give this topper a unique vibe. I used one coat of Dallas in these photos, and prepped my nail beneath with Zoya’s Naked Manicure pink perfector and white tip corrector.
  • Bee: What a cute yellow! While a bit streaky (that’s a light cream curse), three coats got me to a gorgeous finish.
  • Eleni: Sky blue cream in three thin coats. You can’t go wrong. I liked this more on my nails than expected.
  • Walker: Of COURSE I am here for Walker! It’s a mix of Londontown “Iconic,” KL Polish “Porter Miami,” and Essie “Butler Please” all in one. Definitely a new addition for my favorite blues.
  • Rie: Another pleasant surprise, Rie is essentially a Barney purple (weird that my mind went there…) with warmth and boldness. This magenta-toned purple is brighter in the light than I expected, which I loved.
  • Dacey: This is a near-neon pink in three thin coats that’s more of a weekend wear (if you work an office job like me). Loved this on my nails!
  • Robbie: I am absolutely here for this glittery red. My photos don’t do the gold glitter justice. The base is a jelly red, so the glitter builds up and shines through the three coats nicely.
  • Liza: This is an easy red with pink undertones. Nothing wrong with it, but wasn’t particularly moved by it either.
  • Marcy: Fire in a bottle. The formula is the same as “Taryn” from Zoya’s Jubilee collection, and built up similarly in three coats. I felt ELECTRIC wearing this polish!
  • Keira: A great alternative to gold glitters, Keira is a laid back khaki with gold shimmer. I didn’t love it with my skin tone, but it’s still a pretty neutral. I wish the shimmer got a little more play.
  • Tessa: Peachy nude with shimmer makes a great alternative to boring beige nudes. I used three coats to let the shimmer build.
  • Joey: I thought this would bore me, but here I am, falling for this pale pinky-beige. Three thin coats since it was a bit streaky, but for the right polish I don’t even care.

Takeaways: The versatility of this set is strong, and I was pleased with how many polishes I liked that I didn’t expect to care about. I also used the Z-wide brush for my swatches and am 100% converted. I highly recommend ordering a few.

My favorites: I liked so many in this set I can’t narrow it down much. I pretty much like everything on the B-side, with Walker, Rie, Eleni, and Dallas being my favorites. I LOVED Joey, and found Robbie to be particularly stunning. Those are the six I personally would re-buy, and there is nothing wrong with the others. Strong collection. Bring on the summer.

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