Collection Review – Zoya “Twinkling”

Collection: “Twinkling” by Zoya, Holiday 2019


Initial notes: This collection isn’t as cohesive as others, but I love how full of character these polishes are. Lots of brights and bolds!


  • Kaede: What a unique bottle! I used two coats here, being careful to spread out the large foil particles evenly. The base is clear with small gold flecks to give this a warm tone on the nail. Make sure to finish with a coat (or two!) of top coat to smooth things out and lock the foil down.
  • Enza: Warm toned beige polish. Easy two coater. I didn’t love this on my skin tone, but it applied evenly and is pretty opaque.
  • Steph: This is a neutral I can get behind! Two coat light, muted pink polish that’s bright and natural.
  • Mai: Dusty pink at its finest. I used two coats to get this classic look. Mai has the same lovely cream formula as the rest of this collection.
  • Tieran: Oh my! I didn’t realize until this polish how few collections come with a grey shade, and boy am I happy about the inclusion of Tieran. Easy two coats, beautiful bold, neutral-toned grey.
  • Tanya: Last collection we got Margaret, and this is its brighter cousin. Tanya applies beautifully in two coats and is as bright and shiny as the classic red of your dreams.
  • Rosa: This reminded me immediately of Taryn from last year’s holiday collection. It has the same finish, and it took me only two coats to get here. It’s a warmer pink than Taryn and doesn’t have the purple undertones, which makes this one really pop as a hot pink.
  • Gabi: Pretty purple here! Easy two coat cream. It’s bold, yet not too bright.
  • Sedona: This polish took me on a journey. I’m usually not a superfan of browns, but this brown-based polish has such a rich red shimmer than it jumped to the top of my list the moment I put it on. In two coats, this one is subtle in shade and RADIANT in the light.
  • Jen: How I love a good blue! Jen is the absolute deepest sapphire with a beautiful shimmery shine. I couldn’t believe how rich this was after only one coat! I added a second, but boy did this get opaque fast.
  • Alessia: Zoya does a great job with glitter polishes, and Alessia’s formula was super sparkly as expected. I used two coats here. The color isn’t something I would wear every day, but the sparkle makes it a great holiday treat!
  • Jett: Opinions have been mixed on this polish, but I will admit I like it. I used two coats. The texture reminds me of Storm from last spring’s collection, but everything is a consistent grey color. This polish dries matte, but shines up nicely with a glossy topcoat. I get a steely concrete vibe from this and have no idea why I like it so much but here we are!

Takeaways: I am so happy with Zoya’s cream formulas lately. The Barefoot collection creams were mostly three-coaters for me, but both the Sensual collection and this one have been rich, creamy two-coaters. Great work, Zoya! All six of these creams rule! As for the other finishes, I’m a sucker for deep shimmer polishes like Sedona and Jen. Lighter polishes with shimmer are kind of boring to me (does the shimmer even do much if you’re already beige?), so I was happy to see shimmer in dark formulas here. Kaede is truly unique, and Jett gets originality points as well. Alessia is more of a novelty than a wearable shade, but it’s still fun to see Zoya go outside the lines.

My favorites: My Instagram “Zoya Twinkling Bracket” saw Sedona and Jen in the finals (shoutout to Jen, the champ!), and I will say they are two of my personal favorites. Rounding out my picks are the beautiful grey Tieran and the electric hot Tanya.

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