Collection Review – Orosa “Summer”

Collection: “Summer” by Orosa, summer 2019


Initial notes: Primary colors! This is a fun way to launch a brand. Also I’m always drawn to a collection with a mid-toned blue.


  • Blossom: A classic dusty pink. I’m not always a fan of these, but it’s pretty nonetheless.
  • Clementine: Ok I lied when I said primary colors. This is actually an orange that wears about one shade away from a red. Quite pretty!
  • Moon: A cool neutral, Moon is the kind of subtle nude I prefer.
  • Twilight: YES! I was so excited for this baby, and it didn’t disappoint. Twilight is a dusty blue, which is one of my favorite tones for my skin.
  1. Star: I think the two colors nail bloggers like disproportionally to the rest of the nail polish wearing world are yellow and blue. I love Star! It’s smooth, creamy, and pops beautifully.

Snow: This polish is a softer take on white. While true white can be a bit much on the nail (not to mention the “white-out” feel lots of true white formulas can have), Moon is light and smooth.

Takeaways: Orosa has a great aesthetic, cute bottles and packaging, and a fun color palette. I love an unconventional debut, and Orosa delivers with personality. The thicker formula took me a little getting used to, but it lasts quite well as a result.

My favorites: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love “Twilight.” It’s definitely my favorite from this set. But I also need to add “Snow” for being a white polish I actually WANT to wear. The whole set is lovely; these two just stand out to me personally. That’s the joy of colors though, no two people have the exact same taste. I find that a fun part of nail blogging and following other bloggers and swatchers!

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