Collection Review – Zoya “Sensual”

Collection: “Sensual” by Zoya, Fall 2019


Initial notes: Wow this collection is gorgeous. It doesn’t scream “fall” to me, but I don’t care. Almost every shade in here is something I would wear.


  • Joss: This creamy two-coater is rosy blush that applied smoothly. Easy to wear.
  • Kinsley: I personally view this color as a foundation that’s several shades too deep for me. Lots of you know I prefer a lighter nude on my skin, so this wasn’t a personal favorite, but it applied easily in two coats and would definitely be pretty for lots of people.
  • Foster: This built up in two coats to look like an edible chocolatey brown. Decadent.
  • Briar: Described as a “terra cotta” toned red, this two coat cream gave me a dusty rose tone that was wearable and classic.
  • Margaret: Speaking of classic…this is the red! It was almost a one coat polish, which is insane, and it wore so elegantly.
  • Rashida: This gorgeous red has depth, warmth, shimmer, and shine. It almost wore like a jelly AND a metallic at the same time. I know that’s not a thing…but try this polish and you’ll see what I mean! Stunning.
  • Etta: This shimmery polish seems like a cousin of “Rihana” with a little more red. Two coats and you’ve got an incredible manicure.
  • Ripley: A berry/plum purple dream. I always think of polishes like these as being “Barney purple,” and while I don’t think I’m wrong, I also don’t mean it as an insult. Super fun.
  • Michaela: Dusty, muted purpley-grey in two coats. Wearable, and one of the more fall-esque polishes of the bunch. Love it!
  • Vesper: I loved this blue-purple cream. Two coats, no problem. This is a keeper!
  • Elliot: This deep blue cream surprised me. I assumed it would wear more like a navy, but the color pushed through beautifully. Two coats.
  • Ashton: No surprise here, this polish was incredible. Two coat metallic polish with an incredible sparkle and shine.

Takeaways: As anticipated, I loved this collection. Almost all of these polishes are ones I would buy. The first three neutral polishes aren’t anything special (Zoya has launched better ones, in my opinion), but THE COLORS are something to write home about. I found the Barefoot summer creams to be three coaters, but all the creams in this collection are two coaters with no streakiness whatsoever. The metallic and shimmery polishes were really special in this set, with the exception of “Etta” (which is stunning, but similar to Zoya’s “Rihana” and “Haven”).

My favorites: It’s hard to limit this down, but if this collection were taken away from me, I’d for sure buy Margaret, Rashida, Vesper, Elliot, and Ashton (maybe Michaela as well). Ashton takes the cake (as predicted by my girl Olive Ave), and I’m so happy Zoya made it. I’ve been waiting for a cruelty-free version of Essie’s “Tribal Textiles” and that’s what we have here, although I personally think Zoya’s has more shine.

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